Empowering Through Culture

My name is Adwoa Nyantakyiwaa Boahen (Sole Proprietor), Owner and Founder of GN Fashion & Accessories CA. Historically, the company is an extension of a family-owned business that goes as far back to the Shores of the Continent of Africa, specifically Ghana. Hailing from the hub of Traditional Richness, Ashanti Region, Kumasi Ghana, I have been blessed to come from a family of entrepreneurs. This is specifically evident on both sides of my family, particularly Females in this type of business used as a mantle to overcome poverty and as well to educate both immediate and extended members. Such exemplifying traits have provided me with foundation and necessary tools to journey on my own personal business venture – creating my own version of this trade.

As a Black Female Entrepreneur, I believe in the importance of making your mark within your community & society. Through engagement with my community audience, I achieve the goals of the company's passion, which is to promote, educate regarding African culture and by doing so, inspire others to do the same. With this in mind-I believe, parallel to the old African Proverb that if you “Educate a Woman You Educate a Family-Nation". This ideology also applies tobusiness. is the same with business, that not only as a Woman, but as a Woman of Color, You create a pathway or an open door for not only fellow Women, but for Others to also follow.

The ability to promote and educate regarding the African Culture within the Black Community and beyond for us equates to proud success.

Cultivating African Culture and Community Connection

Initiation of GN Fashion & Accessories started in 2018 with not only a financial goal in mind, but to also play a crucial role in society where we educate the masses and interested patrons of diverse African culture. As previously stated, historically our company is an extension of an overseas family business that hails from Ghana, West Africa. Also, as part of the family umbrella, we have in existence another family branch located in Edmonton, Alberta – Canada, that has been in business for over 20 plus years. The focus in mind;Promote and educate the rich and diverse culture of the African Continent.

To do this, we sell a variety of products that are hand-made ranging from Cultural Artifacts such as Woodcarvings, Various Additional forms of Artwork, African Fashion & Jewlery. All products carried by the company are applicable to all and great for all ages. Our passion is also driven due to the fact that many a times, we witness via mainstream media, the many misconceptions of the African Culture, which can be misleading, disheartening and detrimental to future generations within, specifically the Black Community. We have been described as the African Village in Ontario & through this, the company steadily has increased its presence in the Community, increased social media presence, growth with followers and customers through past experience and word of mouth.